What about them? Did you forget them?

If he can't find a job today? Should he sleep on the streets tonight?

So I was walking down the street today, and as usual homeless people are abundant. I wasn't sure if it's me or it's true, but it seamed to me that there are more homeless people around these days than there used to be.


So I came home and Googled it… and here is what I've found - the numbers don't lie - there are more homeless people on the streets in NYC today than at any point in the last 3 decades! Could that be true? 

I'm starting to find that there is no hope for someone in that segment, and I feel helpless at the site of that many homeless people.
It's even more frustrating in cities like NYC in which the rich are so god-damn-filthy rich that you just think to yourself: "Could one of these assholes pay for the entire homeless population of the entire city?"
I think so! Worst of all there are many of them on both sides these days, and the more I think about it the more I'm thinking the 1% on both ends of the spectrum are just getting better / worst (depending on your end of the story).
Thinking about it, made me wonder: "how does that ultra-rich guy feel about the homeless person right next to them on the street?" 
Here's a story for you… I saw this guy 2 weeks ago getting out of a Bentley (roughly $200K a piece) into a posh restaurant. He waived to his driver and shouted to him "be here to pick me up in an hour or two", on the corner of the entrance to the restaurant was a homeless guy, probably the exact same age as "Mr. rich guy" here… They both seemed to be from a similar backgrounds - 1% and 1% on both ends: In hind site I wonder if they even noticed each other? From the side it looks like they're living on 2 different planets(!) But, the sad truth is - they're sharing the same street, they share the same flag, they share the same anthem, they share the same army, they share the same history, they share the same public official (?!?!), or do they?
What does the lower 1% really think about America? Are they patriotic? Could they be? What is there to love about America when you're in the bottom 1%?
How does it happen? What is it that makes us so different? How could we get to a point that lets our "system" dictate the fact that this is OK?
I'm sorry I'm asking this many questions, but I'd love to hear what you have to say, and maybe start a debate?
Thanks, and more to come in this new notebook.